​I have quiz online in Human Pathophysiology 301​. (Biomedical Sciences )

this quiz will be about:


A. Acute: 1. Vascular Permeability (Vascular Events After Initiation)

2. Edema (Vascular and Tissue Fluids Are Regulated by a Balance of Forces)

3. Cell Recruitment

4. Inflammatory Cell Functions

5. Plasma-Derived Mediators of Inflammation

6. Cell-Derived Mediators of Inflammation (Arachadonic Acid, Prostanoids, Leukotrienes, Lipoxins, Platelet-Activating Factor)

7. Cytokines Are Cell-Derived Inflammatory Hormones ( Nitric Oxide)

8. Cells of Inflammation (PMN, Endothelial cells, Mono/Macro, Mast cells and Baso, Es and Plts)

9. Leukocyte Recruitments and Functions in Inflammation.

10. Outcome of Acute Inflammation.

B. Chronic Inflammation (Chronic Inflammatory Cells and Mediators)

1. Cells 2. Function

C. Granulomatous Inflammation

D. Lymphatics and Lymph Nodes in Inflammation

E. Systemic Responses

1. Fever 2. Leukocytosis.

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