5 Questions on Physical Geography

Each should take a minimum of a paragraph but up to one page. PLEASE let the answers be one page long.

#1) Please define the terms Carrying Capacity and Sustainability and discuss, briefly, the ways that each of these things is measured. Please give consideration to different interpretations made by various groups of people around the world.

#2) What is a food chain and how is it related to energy in the earth system? (provide an example)

#3) How does an Open System differ from a Closed System and how do each of these relate to our Earth System? Why is a Linear Economic System problematic within the Earth System?

#4) What are some of the issues surrounding our food system and the feeding of our population?What would be some possible solutions to these systemic problems and are they realistic goals?

#5) Please give examples of ways in which each sphere of the earth system is related to each of the other three spheres. Be sure to give examples of how each is interconnected and dependent on the others.

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