a short response to the objectives

“A Turn of a Phrase Folds into Fields OR The Magic Behind Clinical Natural Language Processing for Epidemiological Studies, Surveillance and Quality Metrics”

Guy Divita, MS

Research Associate

University of Utah Medical School

Division of Epidemiology

Please send me a short response (1.5 pages) to the objectives from recorded lecture . The objectives were as follows :

Learning Objectives

1- Provide an overview of Clinical Natural Language Processing Techniques

2- Explain why machine learning is combined with NLP

3- Describe some examples of high impact projects using NLP techniques

For instance, if the Objective were, “Describe a framework for presenting an article at journal club,” you would write, “Dr. X presented a framework of several steps, focusing on the Research Question, the Hypothesis, the Methods, the Results, and the implications of those results.”

Not so complicated!

please paste in the objectives above, and put your “answers” after each item. It makes it easier to see the relationship between your answer and the “question.”

you will need to watch the link for the lecture in order to answer the the questions:


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