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Aassignment 3&4
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TASK 1 Read handover bellow and answer the following:
1. What further questions will you need to ask the nurse?
2. List specifically what further assessments you would complete when the patient arrives onto the ward
550 words; 3 references 2010-2015
You are working on the morning shift on the ward, and receive a patient from ED. The ED nurse provides you with the following handover, using the ISOBAR format:
Handover: Mr John Block is a 92 year old men coming from emergency with abdominal pain and a 3kg weight lost in past week.
He has a chesty cough with frothy sputum production and we suspect pneumonia.
He has been on early obs (vital signs) down stairs.
He has a history of gastric ulcer, CCF, CVA.
He is currently on 1.5l oxygen via nasal prongs.
He has a peripheral cannula in his left arm and he has intravenous antibiotics cefazolin and gentamicin given as per drug chart.
He is currently nil by mouth, he has good urine output going to the toilet twice today and has bowel opened yesterday.
You will need to start him on 50mls per hour of intravenous N/Saline.
He needs chest XR at 16.00 today.
He will also need sputum test and re-obs.
TASK 2 Professional Practice: Time Management, delegation, scope of practice (550 words; 3 references 2010-2015).
You are a Registered Nurse on the afternoon shift on a short-stay (24 hours) surgical ward. One other RN, an EN and three AINs are also on duty. The NUM is off sick and the other RN is acting as NUM as well as taking a patient load. The ward is full: there are 22 patients, 10 of whom went to surgery in the morning, and 8 are going on your shift. Half of these a patients have intravenous access and antibiotics at some time during your shift.
ACTIVITY: Using your knowledge and experience of various patient allocation models (e.g. total patient care, team nursing and task allocation), outline how you would allocate the staff to the patients. Include in your discussion your rationale for the model of allocation chosen and the scope of practice of the various staff.
This is a reference you can use however 2 more needed

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