ABC Company financial statements –

ABC Company financial statements
After the ABC Company issued its previous years’ financial statements, it noticed that it incorrectly calculated depreciation expense and, thus, disclosed this fact as a prior period adjustment in its current years’ financial statements. (This difference also did not affect any cash balances, since Julie maintained an operating loss for both periods.) However, ABC did not issue comparative financial statements in the current year. ABC now wonders how to disclose this prior period adjustment in its current year’s Statement of Cash Flows. Please prepare a two page memo to file (FICA). Cite codifications (ASC 250-10-50-9 and 230-10-50-3), at least one journal article/publication on the topic and one other source (look for Big Four accounting publications for guidance). I attached you a sample format as a guideline to you to follow in order to prepare this paper that I want in exact format which they call it “memo to file”. Please make sure there is no plagiarism at all and don’t forget to provide the journal article source from the internet and provide the site “URL” with it. Also, don’t’ forget to cite codification ( FASB Accounting Standards Codification, ASC 250-10-50-9 and 230-10-50-3) from your own words. Follow my sample format.

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