Activity Analysis

Activity Title: Taking the pillows of the couch fluffing them, put it back and organize them.

Definition: What is activity analysis?

(First Part )

Directions : Reflecting on the activity just performed, complete the following sentences with the first thoughts that come to mind. (extended response, or paragraph)

1. During this activity I was thinking about …..

2. While doing this activity I felt like ….

3. In doing this activity, the parts of my body I remember using were …

4. To do this activity I need to …. (mentally, emotionally, physically)

5. When I do this activity again I will ….

6. From doing this activity I became aware of ……


Next, identify the performance skill you are grading (e.g. coordination) and describe how you could make the activity more difficult (grading up) or easier (grading down) for your specific client. YOU CAN USE TALBES …..extended response please …


this is an example, so you can have an idea : let me know if you need anything

Performance Skills

Grading down (easier)

Grading Up (harder)

Motor Skills:


Therapist will helps stabilize the dog in the bathtub.

Linda will use a handheld shower head to wash the dog while stabilizing the dog in the tub.

Strength & Effort:


A small shampoo bottle will be used for ease of holding.

A larger and heavier shampoo bottle will be used during the bath.

Motor Skills:


Linda can use a bath glove to wash the dog.

Linda will use only her dominant right hand to wash the dog.

Strength & Effort:


Therapist will lift the dog into and out of the tub for Linda.

Linda will lift dog out of tub using her non-dominant left hand only.



Linda will complete activity in sink and avoid bending down to tub.

Linda will remain bending in all directions during bath, to hold dog, reach for items and, control water.

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