Adolescence Depression and Attachment –

Adolescence Depression and Attachment
The purpose of a review of the literature is to describe and analyze the current state of research into a field, with the purpose of suggesting applications of that research, areas and/or methods for further research, or both. A review may be, as in this assignment, a freestanding document, or it may be a preliminary section in a longer document such as a grant or other research proposal or an article reporting on original research. As you plan and write the review, please keep in mind that a review of the literature is not a “research paper”. Its purpose should be primarily analytical and evaluative rather than informative and/or persuasive, and its focus is on the state of research into a subject rather than the subject itself (i.e. the underlying research question is “what is the state of research into [subject]?” not a question about the subject). Your job as the author is to help the reader see larger patterns of similarity and difference in the collection of scholarly articles you assemble — or, to put it another way, to describe the overall shape of the scholarly conversation, and to suggest applications and/or future directions.
The review of literature should be an 8 page double spaced paper. There should be 9 scholarly articles. The paper should be in the APA-style format. The Review should begin with a title, an introductory paragraph, the introductory matter should take up no more than 1/3 of the review. The main body of the review should be organized around subdivisions reflecting the way(s) you have chosen to group the articles to illustrate the similarities and/or differences you have found. There should be some summarizing and paraphrasing of the scholarly articles used. No plagiarism please. The review should end with a Conclusion and References section (APA format and in an alphabetical order). I have attached some scholarly articles but you can add and eliminate them. Please view some sample literature reviews online before writing the paper. Please make sure that you follow the instructions

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