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Write for me the answers for an advanced care plan of James Smith who is a 46-year-old man with stage 4 pancreatic cancer diagnosed six months ago after presenting to emergency with severe abdominal pain.James received chemotherapy but his oncologist told him two weeks ago that further chemotherapy was unlikely to be effective. James decides it is best to focus on the time he has at home with his wife Sharon. Unfortunately severe nausea and abdominal pain forces him to present to his local Accident and emergency one evening. James is admitted to the oncology ward where a referral is made to the Consultative Palliative Care team. On admission a new care plan is implemented to manage the symptoms he is experiencing. During the first few days interventions are focused on managing and assessing these symptoms as well as focusing on James and Sharon’s psychosocial care needs. By day 5 James’ symptoms are greatly improved and he wants to return home to spend as much quality time with his wife as possible. It is expected that James will need ongoing care with likely admissions to palliative care. A week later James collapses in a shopping centre, he is non- responsive. A member of the public calls an Ambulance, he is then taken to the Emergency department of a major hospital.

Please discuss the following questions, supporting your discussion with reference to relevant literature/evidence.
At what point would a conversation on advanced care planning be initiated with James?
What should you do in preparation for this discussion?
Who should be involved in this discussion?
What sort of information would you include in the advance care plan?
When would the advance care plan be reviewed?
At what point in the scenario, would the advance care plan be activated?

about the refrences no less than 5 years old.

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