AH111 Week 6 Assignment


  1. What do the statistics tell us of who are homeless and what are their barriers to healthcare?
  2. Using the Vulnerability Model on page 262 and the Framework for Vulnerability (all of chapter 11); create a short case study composite introduction of an underserved individual. Your introduction paragraph will contain the following: gender, age, race/ethnicity, ecological predisposing, enabling and need characteristics, individual predisposing, enabling and need characteristics.


Vulnerablity case study you will find it on page 262. You
will need to make up a person that discusses the predisposing, enabling, and
needs charactersitics.

For example, An AA male by the name of
Fred, who is 63 years old is a retired police officer who lives in rural
Alabama on a farm(65 acres).He has onset glaucoma and also Type 2 diabetes and
he has problem with his vision and also sensation in his hands and feet. He has
insurance but it is difficult for him to get to his appointment( DR.) secondary
to having no one available to take him. His wife has since past and his
children are living out of state. There is no one around him.

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