American Jewish Effects of Nurse Work Environment on Job Dissatisfaction Synopsis Draft

For this activity, you will appraise and summarize a quantitative study located for the PICOT and Literature Search assignment and approved by your instructor to determine its potential usefulness to inform nursing practice. As part of this analysis, you need to determine the rigor of the investigation and appraise credibility. You can do this by answering some key questions about the integrity with which they collected and analyzed data and employed techniques to reduce bias

I attached my PICOT question, article and For this activity, Quantitative Appraisal Tool and Synopsis Instructions and Grading Rubric.docx.

Can you respond to all of the questions in this file “Quantitative Appraisal Tool and Synopsis Instructions and Grading Rubric.docx” based on article “Effects of nurse work environment on job dissatisfaction, burnout, intention to leave (involved Research Evidence Appraisal Tool)

I attached also sample article “PROPHYLACTIC SACRAL DRESSING FOR PRESSURE ULCER PREVENTION IN HIGH-RISK PATIENTS” that my professor attached and “sample completed synopsis” so you can have an idea how to do it.
Please follow grading rubrics write it in APA format, and it has to be at least 2.5-3.5 pages . The table with grading rubric

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