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Unit I Project
For your final project for this course, you will fill the role as a newly hired quality executive at a midsized health system. The health system has developed a bad reputation for a lack of quality in care provided to patients. The board of directors is looking to you to lead efforts in the organization becoming an accountable care organization (ACO). You will begin to prepare for your final project with this unit’s assignment. You are asked to use the scenario described above to create an elevator speech. Regardless of whether you are a new executive or a mid-level professional, it is always good to have an elevator speech ready. You never know when you need to make professional small talk with the company president in between meetings or in the elevator. The elevator speech is a great way to begin a strategic planning project because it is a simple layout of your plan and on what you are working. Write an elevator speech that answers the following questions: What project are you working on? What immediate goals for strategic planning have you set in this phase, and why are they important? (Be sure that the listeners to your elevator speech understand the benefits of strategic planning.) What internal and external factors have you identified that will help enhance strategy planning? What do you need from the higher-level executive? (What is your “ask”?) Your response should be a minimum of 500 words.

If you use a source, please use APA citations. Try to use your own words and your own ideas.

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