Answer all the questions

The Heart of the Matter

  • List the structures of the respiratory tract.
  • Describe the processes of inhalation and exhalation in terms of muscle contraction and rib/lung size.
  • Where does gas exchange occur in the lungs, and how?
  • List two functions of the blood other than carrying oxygen.
  • Name the four chambers and four valves of the heart.
  • Put the structures of the right side of the heart in order based on how blood moves through them. Write a “1” next to the first structure the blood enters, “2” next to the second, and so on.
    • Lungs____
    • Right ventricle____
    • Right AV valve____
    • Pulmonary arteries____
    • Right atrium____
    • Right semilunar valve____
  • In “On the Move” we learned that cardiac muscle tissue is involuntary. What does that mean?
  • Define the following and describe their structure and function:




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