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Topic: Answer the following question.
Paper details:
Chapter 23, Section 1
Explain why totalitarian states rose after World War I and the methods they used to maintain control.
Chapter 23, Section 2
Describe the course of the war in Europe until the end of 1940.
Analyze the ways in which the U.S. aided the Allied powers without joining the war.
Chapter 23, Section 3
Describe the different ways that America responded to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.
Chapter 24. Section 1
Examine how the Allied powers turned the tide of the war in Europe.
Examine how the Allied powers turned the tide of the war in the Pacific.
Chapter 24, Section 2
Discuss the ways in which the Home Front experienced setbacks in Civil Rights for different groups of people.
Identify the methods used by the U.S. government to support the war effort at home.
Chapter 24, Section 3
Explain how the Allied powers defeated the Axis powers in Europe.
Define and describe the Manhattan Project and the consequences of the use of the Atomic bomb.
Chapter 24, Section 4
Define and describe the Holocaust and its results.
Examine the American response to the German Anti-Semitism campaign.
Chapter 24, Section 5
Analyze the effects of World War II on international relations and American society.

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