appearance and proof reading for whole thesis of both reports

for lesser genius:

We will send you our whole thesis now, which has all the chapters and everything and as you will be able to see we have a common chapter which is called Haya and we separated it into the methodology and results and discussion of both reports as you can see there, so please make sure its FUULY paraphrased for both reports to avoid plagiarism between them because the teacher said it can’t be common. We have its conclusion ready so we will attach you the conclusion on a separate document so you can use from it and include its important points to fit it in the main conclusion or you can write it there in your own words. please update the numbers of figures and tables so the number of figures and tables as we added more and add a list of graphs since we have 1 graph and add the reference of Haya waters site in APA style. Keep in mind Haya didn’t publish their data yet so you cant find this information onsite. Moreover, please check our recommendation and add a small introduction for that section and please abbreviate the recommendations into points (all the recommendations are there) and ignore the headings there, just keep them in bullets and paraphrase the “future work recommendation” to make it look better, make sure the words used in the recommendation are not the exact same for both reports.

In chapter 1 and 2 we want you to proof read it for us please, we highlighted the things we want to remove, please remove it and make sure the sentences link with each other, moreover, some parts don’t have citations so please check with our chapter 1 and 2 references and add them where needed please (please check if our chapter 1 and 2 references are in APA style) keep in mind chapter 2 is common for both of us(same content)and chapter 1 is already paraphrased.

Please change the style of bullets in the study cases because that’s not the official thesis format, however the recommendation is the only thing that should be in bullets.

Lastly, we attached you the template we should follow so please paste the whole thesis there following the format and add the table of content for both reports. In the template we sent there is an appendix page please include even if its empty we will add things there.

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