Apprentices perspective –

Apprentices perspective
A feW questions that were told tO keep in mind at the beginning Of this chapter While reading about The Apprenticeship Perspective are: What do you
define as learning’? What does it mean tO learn something? HOW do you know When you have learned it’?
The meaning Of apprenticeship according tO Robin M. Hopkins. refers tO “learning in applied situations. “on the job” or in practice.” It is a system or
organization Of instructing new learners Of an occupation With this “on the job” training. Depending on the individual this can be very helpful for a
newcomer tO gradually become on a similar level Of an experienced practitioner Of that prOfession. In a cognitive learning perspective they vieW
tranSfer as an important concept, Which is “applying What is acquired in one setting tO a new setting”. This idea relates well tO apprenticeship as it
states that learning something in a context similar tO Where the knOWledge Will be applied enhances the learner’s ability tO retrieve and use that
information in the future. This also readdresses hOW newcomers can learn new things and use that knOWledge tO engage With the old-timers and
help gain more experience, as well as Obtain a more empowering position.
The legitimate peripheral participation (LPP) concept is another idea, which supports the effectiveness of apprenticeship. This concept is based on
three principle ideas. Firstly. despite the fact that attentiveness Of the newcomer Will be tO a small degree as well as reduced authority. “the tasks
performed are still considered valuable and essential tO practice.” Secondly, having the newcomers described as being on the “periphery”.
concludes tO more participation. Thirdly. While the newcomers gain more skill and knOWledge and are constantly interacting and engaging With the
Old timers. they become “accountable tO the enterprise Of the community. and use the language and tOOls Of practice, they transition into a more
empowering position.” These steps describe the apprenticeship experience pretty well, as individuals start tO have limited amounts Of exposure tO a
specific field, and from there gain understanding and skill from the more skilled practitioners, before they become one Of the experienced individuals
The closest association I may personally have tO an apprenticeship program is through my coaching experiences. As a swim and basketball coach
at my former high school, I am responsible for teaching younger, less experienced individuals hOW tO do something in Which I have already found
myself tO be sufficiently proficient in. Through this experience I Will perform multiple teaching mechanisms in order tO help my athletes or students
gain a greater knOWledge Of the tasks in Which they Will be performing. sometimes I teach them by providing them With demonstrations on how I
personally perform the skill, other times I use explanations in order tO help them understand What they are being asked tO dO. and sometimes I just
let them play and learn as they go. In both scenarios I am using my personal experience tO help enhance their abilities tO learn and perform a
particular task.
Discussion Questions:
1.DO you think the apprenticeship model is a succeSSful method Of education’?
2.Does the apprenticeship model at all describe your current method Of education at university? Online – Contact Support.

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