Article Review

I need to write a review for the article attached. I do not need very fancy words and sentences, an average academic language is sufficient. The directions are as follows.

Using your own words, describe the important background literature relative to the article (include citations), the purpose of the article, the methods used, and the major findings of the article. Describe the significance of the work to the field of study and in the context of existing literature on the subject. In doing so, you should read some of the background articles related to the one you are reviewing. Make sure you cite these articles in your review. Also include your opinion on the value of the article and its methodology and its level of interest to you.

I need it in MS.Word format. It should be no less than six pages and no more than 10 pages, not including the title page. If you wish to include figures and tables, do so by appending them to the back of the review. Figures and tables do not count toward the page limit.

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