Asiel Quiz 6 –

Asiel Quiz 6
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Answer the following question with 100 word each approximately.
Question 1
1. What is the main conflict in the story “Nilda”?
Question 2
1. Some Latino writers focus on machismo, a particular form of gender discrimination. Their works speak to the readers about the role of color, poverty, lack of education, and Catholicism in subordinating women. Use examples from the story “Nilda” to explain how the author portray these issues.
Question 3
1. In “Filomena” by Roberta Fernandez, the author refers to the Mexican rituals for the Day of the Dead; how is this celebration portrayed in the story?
Question 4
1. Compare the issue of tradition versus modernization in the stories of these two Mexican-American writers: Roberta Fernandez (Filomena) and Mary Helen Ponce (La Doctora Barr)
Question 5
1. How is bilingualism used in the story “Filomena”? Support your opinions with examples from the story.
Use the internet to get your answers because I don’t have those stories.

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