Assay about Lung Cancer

Write a paragraph on Lung cancer. Main points to be covered are

1- etiology,

2- risk factor ( genes mutation, environment, any others)

note: please make sure to add or write about these genes EGFR, KRAS, and Tp53

3- classification,

4- diagnosis .

5- and more importantly the current TARGETS and TREATMENTS.

I would prefer if it was written as a summary in bullet points. Please provide references as needed for each point and they should be pubmed indexed.


  • Please refer to the important role of these genes: EGFR, KRAS, and TP53,
  • STICK TO 300- 400 WORD MAX.
  • Don’t copy from any resource as it consider plagiarism..
  • References are essential to provide.
  • the task shouldn’t take more than 2 days.
  • the task need a good background on cancer and biology in general.
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