Assignment: Application: Methods Used in Qualitative Research

Assignment: Application: Methods Used in Qualitative Research

I have attached the template that is to be used for EACH article.


In order to achieve credible and trustworthy results from qualitative studies, the methodology must be designed very carefully. That is, you must consider the process of conducting qualitative research to address your research question. Important considerations include selecting the research question, collecting data, engaging in data analysis and management, and selecting appropriate
interpretive techniques.

For this Assignment, be sure to view this week’s Qualitative Research Design PowerPoint webinar and pay close attention to its content on the basic elements of qualitative research methods (e.g., sample selection, data collection, plans for interpretive analysis). Then, review the two research studies presented in this week’s resources for this assignment.


Power point webinar:


Note: While not a required resource, you might find the definitions in the Encyclopedia of Nursing Research helpful for this assignment.


This assignment involves identifying and describing different elements of the research method used in the Sarvestani et al. (2015) article and the Walsh et al. (2015) article. Use a separate copy of the Journal Club Template for Qualitative Research to enter this information for each research study in this week’s resources. The template includes a column for each element, beginning with a column to describe the sample used in the study. Be brief, paraphrase and summarize each of the elements clearly on the grid.


Sarvestani, R. S., Moattari, M., Nasrabadi, A. N., Momennasab, M., & Yektatalab, S. (2015). Challenges of nursing handover: A qualitative study. Clinical Nursing Research, 24(3), 234–252.

Retrieved from the Walden Library databases


Walsh, A., Meagher-Stewart, D., & Macdonald, M. (2015). Persistent optimizing: How mothers make food choices for their preschool children. Qualitative Health Research, 25(4), 527–539.

Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.


Note: You will be submitting two Journal Club Templates for Qualitative Research for this Assignment; one for the Sarvestani et al. (2015) article and one for the Walsh et al. (2015) article

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