Assignment: Quality Nursing

Assignment: Quality Nursing (Part 2 of 3)- summarize your classmate’s paper in 1 page


Welcome to Part 2 of this assignment!

You learned in Week 4 that nurses use Quality Indicators (QIs) to highlight potential quality concerns, identify areas that need further study and investigation, and track changes over time. You identified and described a current Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) QI using three professional articles that you found in the Walden Library

In week 5, you now have the opportunity to share your paper with a colleague in the classroom (to be assigned by instructor). This allows you to learn about a QI that is of interest to a classmate. You will summarize your classmate’s paper in 1 page. Summarization is an important writing skill that you will utilize over the course of the Walden program and throughout your future professional work


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