astronomy 6 lab questions

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How We Found Hundreds of Potential Earth-like Planets

  1. What are some of the characteristics scientists are looking for when they search for other Earth-like planets?
  2. What technology are scientists using to search for other planets? How are they using this technology to identify other planets?
  3. How does the pattern of planet characteristics change as more planets are identified?
  4. Why are scientists concerned with finding Earth-like planets?
  5. Now that potential Earth-like planets have been identified, what is the next step in understanding these planets?

The Cassini Solstice Mission

Click through the links on the left-side menu on this NASA website to learn more about Saturn and the Cassini Solstice Mission. When you’ve finished, answer each of the following questions with at least one paragraph.

  1. What is the Cassini-Huygens spacecraft? What is its mission? Describe some of its features.
  2. What are some of the things that the Cassini spacecraft has helped us learn about Saturn and its features?
  3. What is Titan? Describe Titan.
  4. Why are missions like the Cassini mission important? What benefit can we gain from them?
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