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Topic: Bioethics
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Part II: Answer 2 of the following questions using approximately 750 words each:
1. Some scholars have proposed that prisoners ought to be targeted as research subjects for human clinical trials. What problem(s) is this proposal meant to address? Additionally, provide one well-reasoned argument in support of, and one against, this proposal.
2. Gestational surrogacy and (paid) egg donation are largely unregulated in the United States. Briefly review why this is the case, and what consequences this has had where questions of parental identity, rights and responsibilities have arisen in relation to IVF. Then offer a set of well-justified recommendations for policy reforms around these practices. First explain what
(if anything) should have been done differently in the late 1970s, and then explain what reforms should be made now. Your recommendations should be grounded in well-reasoned arguments.
3. What ethical issues are at stake in research involving human embryos? What public policy issues are at stake, if any? What issues of individual rights, if any? In what ways are these issues similar to or different from the issues that were at stake with recombinant DNA in the
1970s, and/or Genetically Modified foods?

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