biology lab report

Notice: the lab report should be in the following format

Title: use suitable title for the report

Introduction: this should include background information and observations required for the reader to understand the experiment. Describe the observations that caused you to identify the problem for investigation; also state the problem you defined based on your observations; state the hypothesis and briefly describe how you tested it.

Materials: Describe the materials and equipment’s you used

Methods: Describe the procedures you used to collect and analyze the data.

Results: Tabulate the data and graph the results appropriately with the x-axis containing the independent variable and the y-axis dependent variable; give the graph a title and a key.

Discussion: Discuss your results e.g. does your data support the hypothesis; did you experience any difficulties?

Conclusion: What is your conclusion?

Reference/Bibliography: List appropriately all articles, books etc. consulted for this experiment.

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