biomaterial question

i need you watch 4 of these videos and write me a short paragraph explaining what you learned and how it relates to class the class is about biomaterial

Here are the official PBS links to the Making Stuff Videos on Nova:

You can also find them on youtube if you search “Nova: Making Stuff (Stronger, Smarter and Smaller).” There are other episodes that don’t apply as much to class as these three so these are the ones that count.

Another possibility is a newish show on BBC. It’s called “Everyday Miracles” with host Mark Miodownik. Here’s the official link:

You can also find these on Netflix and I think you tube.

u can watch anything form that link expect the the two that i will show don’t to do it because i already done


Making Stuff Smaller: A look at high-powered nano-circuits and micro-robots


Making Stuff Stronger PBS

do not do these

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