Body Positivity Exercising and Healthy Eating Discussion

Need to discuss Body Positivity. Please write about 1 page to discuss Body Positivity from bothExercising/working and Healthy Eating. Every aspect needs a resource.

Where the problem sources:

Social trend/public awareness. I remembered it was Victoria’s Secret of whatever brand used to have an advertisement with all women with so-called perfect shape and they literally printed “perfect body” on the picture. This advertisement was widely criticized and another company(or probably still VS) did another advertisement with woman of all shapes and sizes. We can say that’s what we encourage. Similar things for guys, they are expected to have abs or whatever but girls might not know how hard it is. – Rose Anne

Social pressure/psychological issues. Like for spring break, many people post their “perfect body” at the beach on social media, which causes anxiety for many people subconsciously. Not saying they shouldn’t do that, but we as viewers should focus on our daily life instead of social media. In addition to that, I know there are researches about like how acnes make people feel bad about themselves. Since many of us are still in teenager years, such skin problems might also make us feel bad.

How we can resolve this:

Exercising/working: out out of a tight academic schedule, resources could be about how many times college students work out on average etc and how exercise helps

Healthy Eating. We could talk about the food at diner or other ways most students eat on campus and discuss if it is health enough and do we really have enough time to care that much? Sources could be about like people only have limited amount of willpower every day, so if we want to perform well academically, it would be so hard to control on eating sometimes. Also many other related sources can be used.

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