California College of Communication Industrial Training Report

The Industrial Training Report

The procedure for preparation of the report must follow the format determined by the Electro Mechanical Engineering Technology based on the guidelines below.

General Report Format: The report has to be type written on white A4 size paper font-size of 12 points with type face of Times New Roman has to be used throughout the report, with line spacing of 1.5. The report has to be properly bound with ‘staple and tape binding’.

Front Cover Format: Students are advised to use ‘310 gram White art Card’ in as the front cover. The format for the front cover should be as shown in appendix.

Abstract/ Preface: This section of the report should consist of brief description of the following:

  • Activities of the Organization
  • Summary of the Report
  • Acknowledgement

This section of the report is limited to two (2) pages only. A sample is shown in Appendix.

Table of Contents:

This section of the report should consist of:

  • Titles
  • Sub-titles
  • Page numbers

Every appendix must have a title and each page must be page numbered accordingly.

Background of Company/Organization

This part will give a brief and concise description of the company/organization in which the student is undertaking the industrial training. The main items are:

  • History
  • Structural organization of main activity
  • Title and position of the officer in responsible
  • Others deemed necessary (no more than three (3) pages

Summary of Duties

This section should be the brief description of the time, duration and types of duty carried out during the training. The description must follow the schedule of the training, that is, in chronologicalorder (150 hours minimum). The days when the student is not on duty must be properly recorded with reasons given. Letter of permission must be attached in the appendix.

Working Experience

In this section, the student must descript the experience gained according to titles considered appropriate. For example, the main items are:

  • Projects carried out
  • Supervisory works
  • Problems encountered
  • Problems solved


Student should provide an overall discussion in this section and arrive at a conclusion with regards to the industrial training undergone. Subjects that may be presented are:

  • Types of experience gained
  • Problems
  • Views and recommendation


Provided that there are important resources that are used as references while preparing the report, a complete list of the titles of references concern must be included.


Appendixes are additional information considered appropriate to support the main text. Suggested appendixes are:

  • Investigation/project report during the industrial training
  • Technical drawings etc.


  • Figures/Tables

All figures, tables and similar contents must be captioned and labeled. Every figure or table must be mentioned in the main text.

  • List of Notations and Symbols

If the report contains notations and symbols, the full definition must be given when each notation or symbol first appeared in the main text. The list of notations and symbols with the full definitions can be placed after ‘Table of Contents’.

Every appendix must have a title and be mentioned in the main text where appropriate.

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