Cameron and his family hosted a big party for the Superbowl

Cameron and his family hosted a big party for the Superbowl with

a large spread of different food. He made his famous hot chicken wings and ranch dip for the big game that were placed out early for a pre-game get together. After the game and once everyone left, Cameron noticed there were some leftovers of both remaining, so Cameron place them into the refrigerator. Cameron finished off both of them for lunch then next day. Three days later, Cameron started to have a headache followed by stomach pain and severe diarrhea. Cameron noticed that there was blood in his stool, so he scheduled an appointment with his family doctor. The doctor collected a stool sample and identified a Gram negative helical shaped bacteria. The doctor then sent the sample off for further culture-independent diagnostic testing.
1. What microorganism causes this disease? Make sure to give the name of the bacteria in proper binomial nomenclature and discuss any virulence factors or specific traits of this bacteria that influences the disease.
2. What is your diagnosis (i.e. what is the disease), and what specific features within the case were critical to your diagnosis of this disease?
3. How is this disease transmitted?
4. How is the disease treated? Make sure to be specific on types of treatments used and timing of treatment needed.
5. What symptoms might the patient develop if the disease is not treated?
6. What is the prognosis with treatment?


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