can you kindly tell me what level of evidence

can you kindly tell me what level of evidence are these following studies and the strength

Machado-Duque, M., Juan Pablo Castaño-Montoya, Medina-Morales, D., Castro-Rodríguez, A., González-Montoya, A., & Machado-Alba, J.   (2018). Association between the use of benzodiazepines and opioids with the risk of falls and hip fractures in older    adults. International Psychogeriatrics, 30(7), 941-946. doi:

Díaz-Gutiérrez, M. J., Martínez-Cengotitabengoa, M., Sáez de Adana, E., Cano, A. I., Martínez-Cengotitabengoa, M. T., Besga, A., Segarra, R., &  González-Pinto, A. (2017). Relationship between the use of benzodiazepines and falls in older adults: A systematic  review. Maturitas101, 17-22.Retrieved from

Rossi-Izquierdo, M., Gayoso-Diz, P., Santos-Pérez, S., Del-Río-Valeiras, M., Faraldo-García, A., Vaamonde-Sánchez-Andrade, I., Lirola-  Delgado, A.,  & Soto-Varela, A. (2018). Vestibular rehabilitation in elderly patients with postural instability: reducing the   number of falls a randomized clinical trial. Aging Clinical & Experimental Research, 30(11), 1353-1361. https://doi-

Slade, S., Ther, M. D. Ther, M. M. (2020). Balance improvement older person: Tai Chi. JBI Evidence Summary. Retrieved from https://ovidsp-dc2-  a/ovidweb.cgi?&S=POMPFPACPNEBOIMCJPAKKGHGEJPIAA00&


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