Capella Creativity and Innovation in Healthcare Journal Reflection

Review Unit text Healey, Principles of Healthcare Leadership, to read: Chapter 4, “Creativity and Innovation in Healthcare” page 63-80, Chapter 8, The Process of Change in Healthcare Organizations,” pages 143-163, Chapter, Leading People in Healthcare Organizations, pages 167-187, and

  • Discuss the most valuable learning experience(s) related to the overall awareness of the structure of the U.S. healthcare system. And the aspect of inpatient outpatient service delivery structures and examine healthcare financing and the impact of managed care. Which are concepts and perspectives being applied to healthcare systems, including facts, concepts, insights, or ideas derived from the course content, outside research, your professor, your peers or professionals in the field.
  • Discuss knowledge, awareness, or skills you gained from this lesson that may be applicable to your current career as ER Administrator. Such as how the US healthcare financing system impacts your healthcare industry stakeholder sector, how the managed care structure impact your healthcare and what you could use from this information to apply to your current career
  • Discuss ideas, material, research, and topics of interest you may want to revisit in the future.
  • Create a list of resources for future reference (articles, authors, Web sites, professional organizations, research studies, publications, and so on).
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