Career Planning

Attached is a rubric for this assignment. Needs to be APA format(very important), 4-5 pages including a reference and a appendix. Please answer every question on the assignment and the rubric. It is a personal paper regarding our careers so I am a male, 30 years old and going to be working in the Bay Area in California. I want to do pediatric nursing is my goal. I also have 4 years in Dialysis with direct patient care. My nursing school is located in Arizona and will be moving back to California to take the nurse test (nclex). The other questions you can make up which would fit into this Sanrio. I have also attached a screen shot which needs to be in the appendix and attached in the paper as well. Also include subheads for the different components of the paper ex) TransitionintotheProfessionalNursingRole, Holistic Life Balance, Stressors and Challenges and so on which are also in the rubric. If you have any question please ask. Thanks

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