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Topic: Case Scenario EPILEPSY
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written discussion to identify and prioritise
clinical issues identified within the clinical scenario provided. I would like to you to go with EPILEPSY because I think is a bit easy .purpose of this essay is to present a comprehensive
discussion and justification identifying two (3) care priorities within a
clinical scenario using the Levett-Jones’ Clinical Reasoning Cycle.
provide critical analysis and justification of the care priorities using appropriate academic references. Think about Physical, psycho-social, cultural and spiritual impact of chronic illness and disability. use the marking rubric which I have attached
in the appendices of this Case Scenario. you can also use the references which I have attached or any other Websites. I have also attached some work about EPILEPSY have look and you can as well pick some points. am really looking for the
HIGH DISTINCTION or DISTINCTION please everything your using in that essay refer to the making rubric .

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