Cell Transplantation Kinetics

You are given a dataset for blood platelet levels after transplantation of megakaryocytes (MK) for both intravenous and intra-bone routes. Assuming that 100% of fragmented platelets are derived from 100% transplanted MKs, determine MK decay kinetics:

i) Plot % MK decay (linear) vs Time (linear) and determine an appropriate curve fit – provide an equation with numbers. Note that you will have to do conversion from the given raw data. Determine half-life for each curve.

ii) Describe what this data tells us about differences between intravenous and intra-bone transplantation of MKs to generate platelets. Describe mechanisms behind how platelets may be generated from MKs via each route of transplantation, based on this data.

Time (hr) Intrabone
1 6.58
8 15.49
24 15.49
48 31.37
72 24.78
168 0.64
336 4.20
Time (hr) Intravenous
0.5 14.81
3 37.04
9 22.22
24 18.52
47 7.41


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