Chapter 7 Community Responsibility and Ethics Discussion

For this discussion read textbook Ethics in Health Administration, Chapter 7, “Community Responsibility and Ethics, pages 137-162. And Ethics and Professionalism for Healthcare Managers, Chapter 3 “Professionalism,” page 32-48, and Chapter 4 “Stewardship, pages 51-65.

Use the internet resources:

Joint Commission (2016).

Explore the site.

-Northwell Health. (2014). Healthy patients, healthy populations, healthy planet [PDF].

-Forman-Ortiz, L. (2013). Top 10 corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Community Accountability – post need to be 300-800 words, APA guidelines to cite and reference materials

1. Health care leaders shoulder the responsibility of ensuring the communities they serve are provided with quality care and service. Organizational leaders must recognize and comply with regulations and guidelines from various organizations, depending on the sector of the health care industry they manage.

-Choose a specific type of health care organization(Winn Community Activity Hospital)

-Research and describe an outside institution that is directly involved in guidance, credentialing, or accreditation for this type of organization.

-Summarize the expectations and requirements.

-Explain how compliance with this institution safeguards the community or population it serves.

-Share a possible ethical issue related to staff competency and compliance in this institution.

-Explain how a health care manager might prevent or resolve this type of issue

Corporate Social Responsibility – post need to be 300-800 words. APA guidelines to cite and reference materials

2. Review pages 44–46 in your Ethics and Professionalism for Healthcare Managers textbook.

-Research and share a recent or current example of a health care organization initiative that embodies corporate social responsibility (CSR) principles, aligns with Section V of the Code of Ethics of the American College of Healthcare Executives, and provides enrichment and value to the community.

-Discuss how the three roles of health care managers were or might have been utilized for the success of this type of initiative.

-Share an original idea for a CSR program you would be interested in implementing in your health care management career.

-Be sure to directly relate ethical concepts from prior units in your work, as well as stewardship and fiduciary duty. (Add them to your resource list started in u01d1 for future reference.)

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