Chemistry chemical and chemical reactions, assignment help

Encompass all that you have learned about chemicals and chemical reactions


Follow the example of sodium chloride as you fill out this table. Using the information given, fill in the empty columns.


Activity series are prepared by comparing single-displacement reactions between metals. Based on observations, the metals can be ranked by their ability to react. However, reactivity can be explained by the ease with which atoms of metals lose electrons. Using information from the activity series, identify the locations in the periodic table of the most reactive metals and the least reactive metals. Using your knowledge of electron configurations and periodic trends, infer possible explanations for the metals’ reactivity and position in the periodic table.


Write two of your own sample problems that are descriptions of how to solve a mass-mass problem. Assume that your sample problems will be used by other students to learn how to solve mass-mass problems. Include the problem, the step-by-step process to solve the problem, and the solution.

“Make sure to show your work and use the correct amount of significant figures. “

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