Choose any nursing theory

Choose any nursing theory. Using the nursing theory you chose and

the change management theory you selected for your DPI project, describe how you will formulate a strategy for leading, managing, stewarding, and collaborating within the context of your DPI Project. How will your strategy support coalition building and health advocacy? Utilize at least 2 relevant and current sources to support your findings. ALL BACKGROUND INFO NEEDED TO ANSWER THIS QUESTION IS LISTED BELOW. THERE IS NO MISSING INFO. (7-1)

Background Information
MY DPI Project: Observable and Measurable increase in Exclusive Breastfeeding (EBF) rates in postpartum moms
Change Management Theory and Framework: Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative(BFHI) and Self-Efficacy Theory(SET)
Significance: Improving the understanding of EBF, and the use of BFHI breastfeeding model principles utilized for EBF with the advanced practitioner can improve exclusive breastfeeding outcomes.
Location: Rural health clinic, South Carolina


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