Chronic Disease

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In the US nearly 1 in 2 Americans has a chronic medical condition.  The number is projected to continue to rise.  Chronic Disease has not only financial implications for the individual; it can also impact work, family and overall quality of life. The most common chronic conditions are high blood pressure, arthritis, respiratory diseases like emphysema, and high cholesterol. Diseases related to lifestyle.

 Chronic disease is any condition that last longer than 3 months and has long term impacts. 


Research 3 chronic diseases (Type 2 diabetes, Stroke, Cancer {lung, breast, prostate} on the CDC website ( (Links to an external site.) gather the following information on each:

  • Disease definition
  • Symptoms
  • Diagnostic Tests
  • Treatment
  • Long Term Impact
  • Possible Prevention Approaches

Once you researched create a minimum of 8 PowerPointslides for each disease.  Include references identified during internet search.  Submit via Canvas by April 1, 2016. This should be submitted as one PowerPoint Presentation.

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