Cold War History in Taiwan –

Cold War History in Taiwan
This is a specific book review of Cold War Island by Michael Szonyi(I attached the novel as scanned pdf file). This is for a very academic course so reading the novel before writing is crucial
Also, refrain from bringing in other sources other than the book provided. The structure is given here: 1) Introduction: why is the topic relevant and important, what is authors methodological
choices(“how is author framing his work? What perspective? Usually found in the first chapter of book) 2) a short summary of the book. Should not be more than a page at most!!! 3) MOST IMPORTANT!
What is authors core arguments? How does he explain each finding? With what proof? Also included here should be criticism about each argument or about the book entirely 4) criticism: what are the
limitations of authors method? Author’s perspective? What does he leave out? What could be included or explored more in depth to better understand the topic? 5) Conclusion: just summing things up
should do it.

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