Color Changing In Lizards Temperature & Ontogenetic Effects Research Paper

Abstract Brief (no more than 200-word) summary of the proposed project.

Introduction: Your introduction and background section should include a clear statement of your research question and a full literature review with a discussion of why your question is important from a scientific/biological standpoint. Remember to cite your sources!

*** The topic is about color changing in lizard, due to temperature and/or hide from predator, using these 6 resources write the introduction section and please focus on these two topics: thermoregulation or temperature changing and color changing + changing color to hide from predators. ** remember to use in text citation.

  • Cooper Jr, William E., and Wade C. Sherbrooke. “Choosing between a rock and a hard place: Camouflage in the round-tailed horned lizard Phrynosoma modestum.” Current Zoology 58.4 (2012): 541-548.
  • Garcia, T. S., R. Straus, and A. Sih. “Temperature and ontogenetic effects on color change in the larval salamander species Ambystoma barbouri and Ambystoma texanum.” Canadian Journal of Zoology 81.4 (2003): 710-715.
  • Langkilde, T., and K. E. Boronow. “Color as a signal: The relationship between coloration and morphology in male eastern fence lizards, Sceloporus undulatus.” Journal of Herpetology 44.2 (2010): 261-272.
  • Langkilde, Tracy, and Katherine E. Boronow. “Hot boys are blue: temperature-dependent color change in male eastern fence lizards.” Journal of Herpetology (2012): 461-465.APA
  • Marshall, Kate LA, Kate E. Philpot, and Martin Stevens. “Conspicuous male coloration impairs survival against avian predators in Aegean wall lizards, Podarcis erhardii.” Ecology and evolution 5.18 (2015): 4115-4131. APA
  • Stuart-Fox, Devi, and Adnan Moussalli. “Camouflage, communication and thermoregulation: lessons from colour changing organisms.” Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 364.1516 (2008): 463-470.
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