Communism –

Topic: Communism
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The PDF of these readings is found online in BlackBoard
Due in Class May 3. No late papers unless you have received an extension from me. See policy in Syllabus
Length— 3-4 pages 12 point Times New Roman Font Double spaced
No cover page necessary—Just your name and the title.
Make a creative one
Intro: ½ page:
-Give some historical context for the essays
-Underline your thesis statement.
Source Analysis: 1-2 pages
Find three arguments that the author makes about Life under Communism. Discuss specific examples from the text to make your point clear. ONE of the points you discuss should deal with gender.
Use as many paragraphs as you need.
Cite the page number from the text when you refer to it. (Draculic, 45).
Comparison: 1 page
Find another primary source that discussed what life was like under communism between 1950 and 1990. List your source in full (URL, Book, or interview with date…) and summarize what you learned. Compare and contrast this account with Draculic’s.
Conclusion: ½ page
Offer an explanation of why these accounts are historically significant. Answer the question: “so what?”
AS ALWAYS: All sources must be cited; all phrases of 3 words or more borrowed from any source need quotation and citation.

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