Community Supported Agriculture CSA Consumer Options Discussion

Your assignment is to write up 2 pages on “CSA: an option for consumers“. This pulls together aspects of this course that I find to be important. You will need to do the following for the full credit. Type a 2-page document covering the questions below. You must sign and date your work. If you copy from a web site and any of the wording is a duplicate of that web site, say copied and pasted, you will receive a zero for the assignment.

Answer the following questions:

  • What does the term CSA mean?
  • Define it fully as an option for consumers in your own words. How does it work?
  • Who benefits? What are its benefits to you? What are the benefits to farmers?
  • What kind of products can consumers obtain from a CSA? Give examples of some of the products most likely available? List at least 3 key products.
  • Define “carbon footprint”. What do I mean by your carbon footprint?
  • Does use of a CSA negatively or positively impact your carbon footprint? How does this happen?
  • Where is your home area? By that where is your hometown or county? Give me your home address (this may be where your family lives and where you return in summer or where you live if you do not return to your family).
  • Find the location of at least 5 CSA groups within a 100-mile radius of your home. If you live in an area without CSA, you can use Greensboro as your “base”. List each and give an address.
  • What categories of products does each of those five (5) CSA’s offer? List as many as you can.
  • What time frames are products available during a calendar year? Does it go all year or is it seasonal?
  • Make a statement as to how a CSA impacts sustainability in your own words.
  • How does this impact a consumer? Does this matter to you? Explain.
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