Complete 2 Question Short Discussion Post for Electronics Course and respond to one classmate post

1. Describe the power characteristics of a solar panel.

2. Class say it was a sunny day and I have a solar panel and a DMM. How can I measure the SSC and OCV?

And respond to classmates posts:


This is the VI curve for a silicon PV cell. When the circuit is a short the amperage is at maximum and the voltage potential is zero. When the circuit is open the voltage is at maximum and the current is at zero. The point of maximum power is where the product of the voltage and current has the highest value. This is the point where the cell is most efficient and generates the most power. The values for the voltage and current are approximately Vmp ≅(0.8–0.90)Voc and Imp ≅ (0.85–0.95)Isc…

solar cell i-v characteristic curve

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