Complete 3 Page Research Paper on Special Interest Health Topic

Your GALILEO Project will consist of the following steps:

I. First, select a topic related to your major or a special interest subject.
A. For example, if your major is nursing, you will research something related
to that field such as SIDS or the Zika Virus. You will not research the field
or career.
B. Special interest topic- a special interest topic is simply a topic that you find
interesting. Special interest topics must be approved by the instructor
because some topics are off limits.

II. Next, you will use GALILEO or Credo to search for articles on your topic. You
will not use any search engine other than GALILEO or Credo. Once you have
found an article on your topic, you will then summarize the article using your
own words or paraphrasing.

III. Your summary must thoroughly discuss the important information found in the
article. In addition, you will also analyze the article. In your analysis be sure to
discuss: how beneficial or informative the article is, what you personally
learned from the article, and your overall opinion of the article-do you agree
with the information in the article.

A. Your summary must include an MLA bibliography of the article that you
summarized. Please see the example.

IV. Finally you will submit your two-three page summary of the article.

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