Complete DQ below

Read chapters introduction to health care management (3rd ed.), ch.1 & introduction to health care management (3rd ed.), ch.2 to help answer question 1-4 below.

1.Consider one of the functions of management: planning, organizing, leading, or controlling. How might this particular function enhance the role and function of a health care manager? (Answer question between 120-150 words)

2.what are the differences between managers and leaders? Provide examples relevant to a health care environment. (Answer question between 120-150 words)

3.(respond back to post between 100-110 words)When a manger is well organized, he/she is able to accomplish many things and be productive. A productive manager can also help produce a better staff. If a manager plans their time well, they can organize meetings with the staff and the time required to make important decisions for the company. I have worked with a manager who was too busy and she would always complain about her to-do list. I would always notice people in her office chatting about non-work related things. If she had managed her time and been organized, her to-do list would not have so many things on it.

4. .(respond back to post between 100-110 words) As a manager, organization is continual and vital aspect to attaining a beneficial outcome within any field. An organizing function in a management role is described as the overall strategy of the organization or the specific division, unit, or service for which the manager is responsible. Furthermore, it means designating reporting relationships and intentional patterns of interaction (Buchbinder & Shanks, 2017, Chapter 1). Also, it assists in identifying actions, determining positions, teamwork assignments, and distribution of authority and responsibility as a crucial component of this function. Therefore, organizational structure allows for proper implementation when working through procedures and decision-making processes that assist in achieving goals within any company or institution.

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