Complete the Inclusion Chart and view the article, “Regular Educators on the IEP Team”, assignment help

In Chapter 2 of your text, the concept of inclusion is discussed.  As Powell and Driver (2013) state, “In an inclusion setting, students with disabilities are instructed alongside peers without disabilities for some or all of the school day” (Section 2.1).  Complete the Inclusion Chart and view the article, “Regular Educators on the IEP Team.” 

Imagine you are a teacher getting ready for your first IEP/504 meeting for one of your students who has a mild hearing disability (you can choose any age range from the Inclusion Chart you completed).

  1. As an integral part of the IEP/504 team, how will you prepare yourself for this meeting?
  2. What are three important items to consider about this student before making any recommendations to the committee (e.g., what needs might this child have)?
  3. What information is important to know about a mild hearing disability and how will that information affect performance/learning/behavior in the classroom?
  4. What are two accommodations that might be beneficial for this student and why (see table 2.1 in your course text)?
  5. What is one modification that might help this student and why?
  6. Lastly, what are the differences between accommodations and modifications?
  7. Please also include your completed Inclusion Chart as an attachment.

Chapter 2 of Textbook 

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