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Computer Discussion (only need 2 paragraphs)
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Here are the topics for the discussion questions which needs to be a minimum of 1 paragraph (2 paragraph max) PLEASE MAKE SURE EACH DISCUSSION IS SEPERATE AND NOT COMBINED.
#1 (vir col)
From a security standpoint, nothing is safe, ever. Javascript and AJAX aside, if you have a website that has a DB that runs SQL you are at risk of injection using a simple query (i.e. SELECT id FROM users WHERE name=” OR 1=1 AND pass=” OR 1=1 LIMIT 1;) which usually brings up the super user/user with the most privileges unless that entry is blank. Nothing is ever safe online. That being said some people that know a little bit about things and are concenrned, have JS and FL blocked from loading when a website is visited. If someone has Javascript or Flash disabled in their browser the web content that you have worked so hard to put together wont be seen, and the end user will get nifty white boxes (or whatever the OS uses to show that the content has been blocked) instead. As far as designing web content for yourself or any other business/person you need to take heed to these considerations during the build and inform the client about what has the possibility of happening if the user has these features blocked. This is also why HTML5 has really taken over. Macs/iPhones do not allow (out of the box) Flash to run on their devices (There are workarounds for this, but it all stems from the points of security reasons. ). HTML5 allows all this content to be shown and not by using Flash OR Javascript. A lot of folks do use JS with HTML5 though, you just get better content. Sometimes the reward is worth the price of a couple of people not using your website.
#2 (eri bau)
For the last few weeks we have all began messing around with javascript a bit, and have seen just how useful it can be if used properly. There are also a few things that you have to be careful of when dealing with javascript as well. Since the code is executed on the client side, the code can be exploited for malicious purposes. While a certain restriction is set by modern web standards on browsers, code can still be executed complying with the restrictions set (IADT, 2013). This is the most common reason that many people disable javascript.
Another common problem with javascript is that different browsers can render the script in different ways. This can be a real problem for users and developers alike. Its important to make sure that a website is optimized so that every user gets the same content and it is also the experience that the developer intended. This problem however can be easily remedied by just testing the site on many different browsers before launch.
As you can see there are a few problems that can be a small cause for concern with javascript, however from everything that I have seen the pros are much higher than the cons. You can just create a much greater product with it than without it. Hope everyone has a great week.

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