Conceptual Framework

This assignment guides you through the creation of a visual representation showing the interrelated concepts most important to guiding your theory-based practice. Create your own conceptual model based on the theory that most closely matches your philosophy. Include a 350-word synopsis in which you explain: •Factors that influence your conceptual model, such as scope of practice considerations, patient needs, quality indicators, practice specialty, or personal values and beliefs •How metaparadigms relate •Application at differing levels of knowledge, from novice to expert Format your conceptual model using visual presentation software. There are many ways that you can develop a visual conceptual framework. A Word document has the ability to present a visual concept and is not difficult to use. By using your Word document, you can also include your essay in the same document. Sample conceptual frameworks can be found in Google images when you type in “Sample conceptual frameworks in nursing.” There are some free programs you can try: (free) (comes with a 30 day free trial) If anyone else would like to share software they like, feel free!

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