Concorde Career Role of Dental Hygienist & Herpes Simplex Analysis Paper

Students are required to write a paper on the topic of an oral pathology lesion. (Herpes Simplex) The written report should be 3 pages long (paragraph form), APA format – double spaced, 12 pt. font, Times New Roman, 1″ margins. At least 3 references are required, with at least 1 reference originating from a peer-reviewed journal. (reference page is not included in your page count). Please gear this paper towards Dental Hygiene, it is for an Oral Pathology class.

The content of the paper should include the following sections:

1. Introduction that includes a general description of lesion/condition and frequency of occurrence (and whether any one sector of the population is more likely to have this lesion.) ***Please write on Herpes Simplex

2. The body of the report should include the following diagnostic information:

– Common location – Histological appearance – Radiographic appearance – Special diagnostic tests – Clinical presentation – Differential Diagnosis (differentiating between two or more conditions which share similar signs or symptoms) – Prognosis (can it be cured or maintained?)

3. Review latest research, drug therapies, and/or treatments.

4. End the report with the ROLE OF DENTAL HYGIENIST. Dental treatment modifications and additional; associated dental or medical complications.

Note: Pictures, charts, and/or tables are NOT necessary but may be added.

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