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Based on Chapter 7 of Depoy & Gitlin’s 2016) textbook, Introduction to Research: 

  1. A) Write a paragraph explaining the connection between theory and research. B) Write a second paragraph explaining how the connection between theory and research influences occupational therapy research. C) Write a third paragraph to explain how this connection influences evidence-based OT practice.

       2.  Read about the Health Belief Model (HBM) on page 93 of the textbook, in Table 7-1. A) Write a  paragraph to explain how HBM theory was used to create a hypothesis for research that will be done to test the effectiveness of particular strategies for decreasing the incidence of STD’s among teenagers in New York City. B) Then write a second paragraph to explain how HBM theory can be used to test a hypothesis regarding the effectiveness of a particular OT client education strategy with a selected (identified) OT client population.

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