Consider the six statements of The Elements

Consider the six statements of The Elements of Nursing’s Social Contract

found in the ANA’s “Nursing’s Social Policy Statement.”
The following statements uphold professional nursing’s social contract with society:
·       Humans manifest an essential unity of mind, body, and spirit.
·       Human experience is contextually and culturally defined.
·       Health and illness are human experiences. The presence of illness does not preclude health, nor does optimal health preclude illness.
·       The relationship between the nurse and patient occurs within the context of the values and beliefs of the patient and nurse.
·       Public policy and the healthcare delivery system influence the health and well-being of society and professional nursing.
·       Individual responsibility and interprofessional involvement are essential.
These values and assumptions apply whether the recipient of professional nursing care is an individual, family, group, community, or population.

The Elements of Nursing’s Social Contract describes nursing’s active and enduring social responsibility. Currently in your nursing work, you make remarkable achievements for patients and continue to make a difference by addressing challenges where you live and work. As a nurse, you are both valued within a society and uniquely accountable to that society.

Select two statements from the Elements of Nursing’s Social Contract, and explain how you currently exhibit those elements in your practice or professional experience. For example, explain how you practice holistic care, respect a patient’s culture, broaden your professional skill-set, participate in professional organizations, or implement policies that impact patients and communities. Analyze why your actions benefit your professional practice and your patients.


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