Contemporary Health Issues-Conflicting Nutritional Claims –

There are many “nutritional experts” in the world who all seem to say something different. Below are links to an article and a website that seem to take differing approaches/positions. For the average consumer, this can be very confusing, difficult to follow, and discouraging when trying to make healthy food decisions.
Too much protein is as bad as smoking:
Paleo Diet:
1. What are the main differences between these two approaches/positions?
2. Are there any similarities between the two approaches/positions?
3. How do you (an informed consumer) judge the credibility of the claims? How do you think an informed consumer can make a wise decision?
4. What implications do you think this has for the health and well-being of our society.
5. Personal reflection. (What can and should be done? What has your experience been? etc.)

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